You are enough

by | May 7, 2019 | Art and Story

Life is yours to create, give yourself permission to play. ~ A message from the Divine

What is stopping you from living the life of your dreams? What is preventing you from feeling joy, acknowledging your growth and loving yourself wholeheartedly?

Despite being at a better place in my life and having my career as an artist take shape, I noticed that I still feel overwhelmed, almost incapable of accepting love and support from others – especially those who believe in my work. The negative things that have been said to me in the past play over and over in my mind. I am paralyzed by my mental chatter and shaming thoughts that remind me I am not good enough.

I know I must fix the gap between these thoughts and my reality. I want to release old ways of thinking, so that I can welcome my new life with the heart of a child and embrace the person I am today.

As I began to explore my feelings through art, I felt compelled to record the process. This is something I have wanted to do for years, but my fear prevented me. I was afraid I could no longer protect myself if I allowed myself to be seen. However, my intuition is telling me that if I don’t do it now, I am going to miss an opportunity for something really special… So here is the video and watch the truth unfold.

This process taught me to reconnect with my joy and allow myself to be. I experience the purest joy through my inner dialogues with the Divine. This is my work; this is who I am. I am letting go of the need for being perfect and giving myself a chance to live life on my own terms. I am still not ready to be in front of the camera, but with this step forward I know I am closer to my tribe.

I am curious:
What brings joy to your soul?
What action can you take at this moment?
Most importantly, how can you acknowledge and celebrate your small success today?
Please share in the comment below!

I hope this post and video has inspired you to take your healing to the next level. Stay connected with your joy and your passion. Continue showing up for life. You are good enough!

With much love,





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