Beautiful Soul

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– Beautiful Soul –
You are beautiful. Recognize the beauty within. 
When you learn how to cherish yourself, others will learn how to treat you the same way.

Birth Story of “Beautiful Soul

During an art and meditation session with a friend, I was gifted with the realization that our souls are like flowers. Each one of us is beautiful, unique, and soft, with our own delicate fragrance to share. We should be cherished, adored and cared for, just the way we are.

I did not see my own beauty until this creation came through. I did not know it was possible for someone to adore me, love me, and pay attention to my needs, without having to try so hard to win their love.

“I can love and be loved, it begins with honouring my Beautiful Soul.”
Namaste .

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  1. Michelle

    You are a beautiful person and i know that from the moment i met you.
    I thank God for knowing you.


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