About me

True healing begins at the point when you become who you really are.

Hi, I’m Wennie. I’m an Intuitive artist, possibly a poet, self-love advocate, and mother of two. 

I created this space to bring healing to loving, giving souls. May you find inspiration through my stories and support on your journey of self-discovery.


“Who am I, why am I here, what are my gifts?”
I’ve asked myself and God these questions since I was a child. I knew the answer all along, but my life experience told me I wasn’t good enough to be the person I believed I was. So I rejected a part of myself and started to look for answers externally.

Living in trance
I grew up like a young elephant being trained to obey commands and perform tasks that I was given. The more I resisted, the harder, and more forceful the training became. A fear of pain, a thirst for love, and a hunger for comfort finally made me give up all resistance. In exchange for temporary peace in my life, I lost touch with my soul and my spirit was shattered. I felt powerless.

I lost trust in people and felt unsafe in the world. I’ve hidden this pain for years, but I couldn’t hide from the pain inside of my heart.

Learning to trust again
One day, I took a leap of faith and surrendered my broken heart in front of a canvas. A “Heavenly Voice” spoke to me. I had trouble trusting what I heard, but “the voice” was very gentle and patient, slowly guiding me through the darkness of my soul. Through the canvas and my brushes, I rediscovered my gift, my uniqueness and my worth.

The moment I decided to commit and honour my gifts and my soul, the blueprint of my purpose start unfolding in front of my eyes. I began to believe, and my life began to transform.

From hiding to being seen
This has inspired me to create my website and share my creations with you, in hopes that this space might also bring you a sense of peace, safety and serenity – an inner sanctuary – as it has done for me.

Special thanks….
To teachers who guided me.

To friends who supported me.
To messengers who brought me life lessons.
To my children, for reminding me of my ability to love and be loved; for giving me the courage to set myself free.

Last but not least, thank you, for spending a few minutes of your time to visit my page.

Thank you for being here, turning my dreams into reality, along with your own.


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Healing messages that nourish your soul

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