~ Transform barren land into a Garden of Love ~

It all began when I allowed myself to go on a quest of self-discovery. Soon after, I received an invitation to observe my negative self-talk. I was being encouraged to release my fear by being honest with myself, and learned that following my inner vision was a practice of self-love.

I had my very first breakthrough with dreamcatcher, by staying within the power of vulnerability. I finally understood the true meaning of abundance, it is meant to be shared, not to be given away. I also discovered that not only are we loved by the Angels in the spiritual realm, we are also supported by Earth Angels – these are people who have touched our lives.

I learned to cherish myself by honouring my beautiful soul, and respecting my need to rest and regenerate until I could gain my strength to start over again. I was where I needed to be.

I am sharing my life stories, to help others validate their own life journey and to show them that each challenge they encounter also brings new possibilities to life. I hope to inspire people to live their whole truth. I want to remind people that they are also a seed of hope.

Rediscover Your Worth • Your Uniqueness • Your Magic

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