Love will come back to you multiplied

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My children might be too young to know what is wrong, but they can sense that all is not well.

One night as I was getting my kids ready for bed, my four-year-old son told me how worried he was, he wondered if I cried when he was at school. I choked back tears, gave him a warm smile, kissed him on the forehead, and reassured him that I was okay.

This made me realize that while I was caught up in my own emotional turmoil, I might have neglected some of my children’s emotional needs.

I thought about what I could do to let him know that his happiness meant the world to me. Lunchtime is a big deal to him, and he loves surprises, so I made him a note and put it in his lunch box for him to read at school.He loves balloons. I hoped that it would make him smile.

That day after school he rushed home with this note in his hands:

He had drawn a picture of him and his sister holding the balloons, walking toward his parents who stood there with open arms.

My dear son, you got it.
No matter what happens…
No matter where we are…
We both love you very much.

“Connect with your children through love; it will come back to you ten-fold” ~ a message from the Divine.

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